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Issue 11: March 14, 2005 - March 19, 2005 [14 Mar 2005|03:36pm]
Students of Degrassi, you have to forgive this gossip lover for the major delay! Many things in life prevent us from keeping up. Post 10 is now closed, please keep all gossip contained to this entry!

Rumours start with Ellie and JT. Nobody knows the real story on them, but some say they've actually eloped because Ellie is pregnant! JT's also been rumoured to be cheating on her with Emma, our favourite drug-toting cause girl. Maybe that's the reason why Ellie attempted to have sex with a heartbroken Craig!

Maybe Craig and Spinner are both left heartbroken after their fight at the McGreggor wedding due to some "hooking up" that supposedly happened at the all-male "sleepover" that people said took place. Craig, Spinner, JT, Tyler, Marco... and Mr. O? Nobody will ever know if or what happened that night, but it seems to be having it's long lasting damage.

These days, despite his quietness, Rick Murray has had quite a few things said about him, including him feeling he is Michael Jackson. Watch out Craig, he may be after Angie next! But moving on into his legit relationship with Ashley. Supposedly Ashley is actually hooked up with Craig behind Rick's back. If that's true, then maybe THAT'S the real reason behind the Spinner/Craig split.

And then, there are the strange, random things we've heard. "Whilst" is the new word of choice. Craig is a warewolf. Heather Sinclaire is a whore (though if you talk to Paige, she'd probably say that anyway). Back Alley Abortions? You bet! Ernie may be Emma's real father, despite what she's been told. Amy and Alex? A possibility.

Whew, thats a lot! So much of it is related too, it makes you wonder! That concludes the gossip of the last two weeks. And you know what that means! My predictions for the week:

Manny and Jay hook up.
Jay cheats on Manny with both Alex and Amy, leaving Manny heartbroken.
Emma totally sluts it up with a supportive Rick, leaving Ashley cheated on... again.
Craig & Tyler. Spinner & Amy. You heard it here first.
JT and Ellie really get together.
Hazel can't take the pressure of pregnancy, attempting suicide and somehow harming Jimmy in the process.

Have fun, and happy gossiping!
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Issue 10: Feb 28, 2005 - Mar 5, 2005 [28 Feb 2005|09:07pm]
Students of Degrassi, my apologies for the delay in this weeks update! Social life calls! Post nine is now closed, please keep all gossip contained to this entry!

We start this week off with some news pertaining to our favourite bisexual, bad-haired student, Spinner Mason. Rumour has it that though he's dating Craig, he's still hooking up with Paige, Manny and even his supposed enemy, Matt Oleander on the side! Talk about scandal!

Speaking of Paige, we've heard a few things about her. Some are saying she's been hooking up with Jay. Oh boy, when Alex finds out, she's in for a good beating. Some are saying it's gone as far as her even being pregnant with Jay's baby. So now she's starving herself with child. Tsk tsk, Ms. Michalchuk!

Speaking of pregnancies, they're spreading around Degrassi like an STD. First Paige, and now it's been confirmed that Hazel is in fact pregnant. Unfortunately for her, it may actually be Sean Camerons. Word has it, Manny may be preggo once again too. Who is it this time skank? Jay? Craig? Oh, we know. It's Ernie.

It seems as if Rick Murray is feigning worry about his girlfriend Darcy to coverup his late night relationship with Ashley Kerwin. Though neither would ever to admit to it, it all started with a cross-dressing joke. Now they both cross-dress in the late night hours while they fuck! But that's okay, because much to the dismay of Ellie Nash, it seems Darcy is retaliating by sleeping with none other than JT Yorke himself!

And then of course, there's Fonzie. We're not too sure what it's all about, we're still looking into it!

Whew, that was a mouthful! That concludes the gossip for the week! My predictions for this week:
Jay spreads his STD lovin' to Paige.
As a result, Paige is hospitalized when Alex breaks many of her bones. And some of Jay's.
Spinner & Craig break up. Craig gets back with Manny, and Spinner gets with Darcy.
Terri, Ash and Rick run away to Utah to get married. Only Ashley and Rick return.
Hazel loses her baby in a freak accident involving Ms. H's science lab.

Have fun, and happy gossiping!
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Issue 9: Feb 20, 2005 - Feb 25, 2005 [20 Feb 2005|02:59pm]
Students of Degrassi, my apologies for the delay in this weeks update! Social life calls! Post eight is now closed, please keep all gossip contained to this entry!

It's not a student, but rather a teaching assistant who's name is showing up the most in The Grapevine. That's right, Mr Oleander has been a topic of discussion, mostly after he got into a physical fight with Spinner Mason outside The Dot. It seemed as if Paige was going to use her queen-bee connections to get Mr. O put in the hospital, however, she's since forgiven him, though it seems Spinner may still carry through!

Speaking of Spinner, he's been in the gossip a lot. It's been rumoured he hooked up with Paige behind Craig's back. It's also been rumoured that he hooked up with Tyler as well! Which is fairly interesting, Tyler's been rumoured to have also hooked up with Craig while Spinner was at an AA meeting.

Tyler may be the man-home wrecker of Degrassi. It's also been said he's been seen with both Dylan and Marco. Mostly Marco, since he's admitted to reciprocating those feelings. Marco's also been rumoured to have been seen with the mullet kid (how disgusting! Get a haircut.)

Going back to Spinner for a moment, after hearing word that either Hazel or Nadia (perhaps both?) have been impregnated by Jimmy and having abortions, it was also said Spinner was having an abortion. Spinner.. is he a Tranny of some sort?

And it seems as if the cheating never ends! Last night at Jay's party (in which Jay was nowhere to be found... some believe he was at the Ravine with the also MIA Emma!), Hazel was seen with Sean. And with Darcy nowhere to be found, Rick seemed to be getting cozy with none other than Manny Santos. It was even said they went out together after the party had ended!

Whew! That concludes the gossip for the week! My predictions for this week?

Spinner fucks up Mr. O, hospitalizing him.
Craig and Spinner split due to Spin's violent ways.
Paige gets locked away in an institution.
Alex breaks up with Jay for being a scumbag (again!)
Tyler messes up every relationship.
Rick hooks up with Manny while Darcy has tough times at home.

Have fun, and happy gossiping everyone!
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Issue 8: Feb 13, 2005 - Feb 18, 2005 [13 Feb 2005|12:27am]
Students of Degrassi, my apologies for the lack of a Grapevine Issue this week! Post seven is now closed, please keep all gossip contained to this entry!

Due to the lack of gossip, I'll only post my weekly predictions.

Mr. O goes on a date with his ex, and as a result, cheats on Paige.
Spinner finds out, and gets arrested for attempted murder.
Jay&Manny hook up. A whole lot.
Alex fucks up Manny when she finds out.
Rick and Darcy hit a snag when he hooks up with Ellie once again.
Terri and Tyler hook up.

I believe that's all for the week. Have fun, and gossip lots!
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Issue 7: Feb 6, 2005 - Feb 11, 2005 [06 Feb 2005|06:43pm]
Students of Degrassi, my sincerest apologies in the delay of this post. Hot dorm parties prevented an update! Post six is now closed, please keep your gossip contained to this entry!

It seems our more new students have been getting a lot of talk their way. Tyler and Marco? Tyler and Darcy? Tyler and Spinner? Darcy and Rick? Nobody seems to know. They claim it to be Tyler and Darcy, but a few "eyewitness' accounts have seen otherwise.

It's no small secret that Rick Murray has a huge crush on Darcy. Word has it he was setting up either Jay or Craig to do something unspeakable to get Tyler out of the picture. Nobody knows how true it is, but nobody saw Tyler last night... and Darcy was seeing being close and quite... coupley with Rick. Maybe Rick still has the psycho in him!

Manny, that poor soul. After Craig broke up with him, returning to his OTL, Spinner, she couldn't handle it. The Pop-Tarts couldn't either when she raped and killed them. Then again, it's been said Manny only has eyes for Chris now. Since his split with Ellie (Possibly caused BY Manny?), he seems to be taking Manny to the Valentine's dance, oh what a couple they would be! Manny's slutting it up again.

There's been some talk about our resident TA, Matt Oleander. Seems that the real reason he's so secretive isn't diabetes at all. All those needles are for his heroine addiction.

Also this week, Paige and Spinner have separately been forced to face issues. Spin seems to be taking it well (and in the ass from Craig, we must add), but that's because he's got his sex back. Paige still seems to be struggling... and competing with arch rival Heather Sinclaire for biggest problem with an eating disorder.

That about wraps it up in this slow week in gossip. Predictions for next week go like this:

Manny sluts it up, stealing Spinner from Craig this time.
Tyler finds out about Rick&Darcy and all hell breaks loose.
Rick whips out his pistal (er, pistol.)
Alex gets pregnant with an ice cream loving, theif child.
Ellie and Sean break up... AGAIN.
Dylan breaks up with Marco... and hooks up with Evan.
Ernie rapes Marco.

And that's it for the week. Have fun and happy gossiping!
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Issue 6: Jan 29, 2005 - Feb 4, 2005 [29 Jan 2005|11:10pm]
Students of Degrassi, post five is now closed, please keep your gossip contained to this entry!

First order of business is Mr. Sean Cameron himself. He's broken up with Ellie, and nobody can quite figure out exactly how he's dealing with it. He claims he's going back to Wasaga. Not everyone thinks that's actually the case though! Some are saying he really wants back with Emma. Some are saying he's after Amy (after all, she did kiss him!) Some are saying he's just gonna cry himself away. Get over yourself Sean, stop looking for sympathy.. suck it up like the badass you claim to be!

Speaking of Sean's ex-flames, there's been a couple of things going around about them. Ellie, you gotta let us know, have you gone chocolate with Chris, or still with the washed out, marshmallow Rick? She's been spotted whoring it up with both of them.. leaving the population of Degrassi confused.

And Amy... well, nobody quite knows what's up with her. She's just drinking all the time. In no comparison to Spinner, but yet, still a lot. Word has it, she's after Jay. Too bad he's back with Alex.

Onto the emo population of Degrassi, nobody really understands Craig. After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it all makes sense why his moods are unpredictable. He threw everyone for a loop the other night though. A loud, drawn out arguement with Spinner lead him to announce his love for Spin. But yet, he's still having all the steamy sex with Manny... which leads us to wonder: Do you really love anyone, Craig?

Spinner's still drowning his problems in a bottle... or is he? Our newest Degrassi student, fresh from Wasaga Beach, Tyler Bishop seems to be quite a catch. Though it's been said he's casually dating Darcy, this bisexual newb is said to be after Mr. Mason. Which may be quite alright, because everyone knows Rick is majorly interested in Darcy anyway.

It's also been said that the queen bee of Degrassi, Paige Michalchuk may have a crush on Rick, despite her current taken status by everyone's favourite pedophile teacher, Mr. Oleander.

Another loop everyone's been thrown for is Liberty's crush. Spinner? Marco? Rick? I guess we'll know soon enough.

Gossip was juicy this week! Let's see what should happen in the next seven.

Spinner hooks up with Tyler, feels guilty and kills himself.
Because of this, Craig goes off his meds and kills himself (aw, star-crossed lovers)
Ellie cheats on Chris. With Jay.
Alex beats the living hell out of Ellie, then gets back with Rick.
Jay does something emo for attention.
Paige confronts her disorder. Or pretends to.
Manny throws a poptart at Paige. Then kills herself because Craig doesn't love her.
Marco, Dylan and Jimmy do outlandish things to get gossiped about.

And that's all for this week. Have fun and happy gossiping!
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Issue 5: Jan 22, 2005 - Jan 28, 2005 [22 Jan 2005|09:09pm]
Students of Degrassi, here you go.. .and on time post! Post four is now closed, please keep your gossip contained to this entry!

It seems as is the focus has shifted off Craig and Spinner, and moved towards Ellie, Sean, and Emma. Supposedly, the only reason Ellie even got back with Sean was because she couldn't have Rick. But others are saying it's because Emma and Sean were caught doing the nasty... while Ellie was home! But now they've split, and Sean is not in great shape, apparently to the point of suicidal mode.

Not that Ellie cares, since Rick recently split with Alex, she's been looking to get her sex fix from him. Alex moved on quick from that breakup, getting back with Jay, who'd just split with Paige. He couldn't handle being with her, she wouldn't eat anything when they went on dates.

Lots of things are still speculating about Craig and Spinner however. It looks as if Manny is losing her touch, since words out Craig is seeing Spinner behind her back. Oh Craig, will you ever reform from your cheating ways? But it's possible she's NOT losign her touch, getting back at Craig by sleeping with everyone's favourite man-slut, JT.

Spinner is still suicidal and drunk, not being able to handle Craig's apparent insanity. Word it out that they may send CRAIG away, after he beat up Jay at the Dot.

Other notes... Amy is not happy with the reunion of Alex and Jay. She's still giving him head and all that lovely behind Alex's back, and will continue to do so until Alex lets go! Ernie's at it again... been seen comitting a few sexual assaults on Degrassi students. What scum.

Seems gossip was slow this week. Ah Well, my predictions for next week.

Craig gets locked up in a straight jacket.
Spinner kills himself because of this.
Matt and Paige break up because he tries to help her eat.
Rick and Ellie get back together... only to break up when Sean and Emma have sex.
Emma becomes a pawn in Sean's game.. again.
More people hate Manny because she's an easy slut.
JT and Terri hook up since nobody gives a shit about them right now.

Have fun, and happy gossiping!
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Issue 4: Jan 16, 2005 - Jan 21, 2005 [16 Jan 2005|01:32pm]
Students of Degrassi, once again, I apologize for the delay in this weeks post! However, this week, it was not at the fault of anyone nut LiveJournal. Post three is now closed, please spread any new gossip in this entry!

It looks as if Spinner and Craig, despite their split, have been the big gossip for a second week in a row! As we all know, their split left Spinner drinking himself away... and caused Craig to get back with Ashley, only to break up with her for... none other than Manny Santos! Well, it looks like that's leaving Spinner lonely. Word has it he's on a one way trip to suicide, feeling as if Craig doesn't love him anymore. Rumour has it that it may be true... that his fight with Sean last night was to prove his true love for Emma. Sorry Craig, but you can't be truly in love with four people, get over yourself!

There's only been a couple of things going around about Spinner, but their juicy enough. Both Terri and Spinner have confirmed they had a drunken sexual encounter. BUUUUUUUUUT what they didn't tell people was that there's a baby Mason-McGreggor on the way! That's right, you heard it first here at the Grapevine, Terri is pregnant! Rumour also had it that Paige was looking to get back with Spinner, even spotted calling him "honeybee" once again, in public!

Well, that was shot quickly when we discovered Paige was now seeing Jay. Perhaps it's just a cover up? Because everyone knows that he's still in love with Alex, but she's moved on. Her and Rick have been spotted happily around Degrassi, almost disgusting PDA. But in the cutest possible way, as they even went to the pet store together to buy a puppy! Everyone's saying it may be true, undramatic love for those too.

But perhaps it's all just a game. Either way, Maybe Jay and Paige will be good for each other. He won't be so suicidal and emo, and maybe she'll even eat and hold down a meal.

Another hot topic... Sean and Emma. Or is it Sean and Ellie? Nobody can keep things straight, there's been plenty of rumours about both, many saying Sean has been cheating on Ellie... with Emma right when their in the same house! Come on Cameron, that's trailer trash, get some class and make a decision!

I believe that sums up all the important gossip for the week. My predictions for next week:

Sean and Ellie have sex. Lots. Then Sean and Emma have a little more sex.
Craig and Sean have a follow-up fight.
Jay and Paige make thing official, and he forces her to eat.
Spinner continues to try and drink himself to death.
Alex gets an apartment... and Rick moves in with her.
Ernie tries to rape... everyone under the age of 18. As always

Have fun, and happy gossiping!
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Issue 3: Jan 9, 2005 - Jan 14, 2005 [09 Jan 2005|02:15pm]
Students of Degrassi, I apologize for the delay in this weeks Grapevine! As we all know, there was a huge party last night, which is what caused the delay in this update. Post two is now closed, please spread any new gossip in this entry!

Just as we thought our latest same sex couple was going smooth, it seems as if Craig and Spinner are now split. Gone kaput! Maybe the real reason is all these rumours? It's been said that Craig and Marco were seen together, having some hot, steamy sex... much to the dismay of their boyfriends, Spin and Dylan! It's also been said Spinner was cheating on Craig... with his step-father, JOEY JEREMIAH! Robbing the cradle much, are we Joey? Then, it's also been said that Spin and MANNY had sex. Manny, are you boyfriend stealing again?! Geeze girl, calm down, you'll look like a fag-hag.

Craig and Spinner seem to be a huge topic here at Degrassi. Before their split, it was said that they would be the next Nick & Jessica. Oh la la, look at the rack on Spinner. I guess last weeks rumours WERE true...

Moving on, Sean Cameron has moved back to Toronto. With this move, Ellie has moved on from former flame Rick Murray. Seems she's back with Sean and things are as steamy as ever. Doesn't seem too likely that she's going to kill herself if Rick doesn't get back with her... she's toning down her drama queen ways for a life of peace with her "one true love" ... much to Emma Nelson's dismay. She's been after Sean like there's no tomorrow, though her attempts seem to have failed.

Jay's been slutting it up after his split with Alex (who, I may add, has been seen happily canoodling with Rick many times throughout the week. They've been quiet, but cute). He broke Hazel's poor little heart into a thousand peices at last nights party, and it seems he's got a new crush. Paige. Sorry Mr. Hogart, she's taken!

Speaking of Paige, things HAVE been quiet about her these days. The queen bee of Degrassi has been spending wayy too much time dieting and trying to lose weight to make a big splash in our gossip. It's being said she's not even "dieting" ...she's either not eating at all, or she's doing that fabulous thing we love to call binging and purging.

Party in Review

As an attendee of Hazel Aden's party, it seems like a lot of drama went down.

The party's hostess was steaming it up with Jay.. in her kitchen! Meanwhile, Spinner and JT attended, drunk before they'd even arrived. Poor Craig couldn't deal, and he took out his frustration by making out with ASHLEY on the back porch.

Poor unfortunate Spinner couldn't hold his alcohol after having to see such a disgrossting sight. He puked his brains out in the bathroom, while Paige, friend of Ash&Craig, ex-girlfriend of Spinner, had some words. Seems she wasn't too pleased with Craig's man-whoring ways, and wasn't too pleased with Ashley's desparate ways to get Craig back. She cracked Ash in the face good, and POOF she was gone!

After the party ended, good ol' Chris brought Hazel and Liberty to the rave, with everyone's favourite skeezy 26 year old, Ernie, following close behind. Chris hooked up a LOT.

While that went down, JT and Craig had a talk, and JT went to Spinners, where Spinner was supposedly wasted off his face. Later that night, JT left to get laid since he's horny like that!

That wraps up this week! My predictions for next week:

Craig and Ashley get back together.
Spinner finds out and tries to drink himself to death.
Spinner's dad finds out about Spinner's drunken ways and sends him to Manitoba.
Ellie and Sean do the nasty, a lot.
Paige continues to be in denial about her obvious eating disorder.
Rick and Alex cause some kind of controversy to get their names back in the Grapevine

Have fun, and happy gossiping!
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Issue 2: Jan 1, 2005 - Jan 7, 2005 [01 Jan 2005|12:48pm]
Students of Degrassi! Here is the week in review of the gossip! Post one is now closed, any new gossip is posted in the comments for this entry!

It seems as if Manny has a crush on Rick Murray... or does she? It's been rumoured that she's a transvestite, and that she wants herself sandwiched between Craig and Spinner... Well, if she's a transvestite, it would make perfect sense!

On the topic of Spinner and Craig, there's been plenty of talk about the two of them! Beneath Craig's signature leather jacket, it's been said that there's a sexy woman's body... Supposedly Spinner is a woman as well, and he's pregnant... with Sean's baby!

Moving on, the kid we love to hate, Rick Murray, has surely gotten around. With nobody knowing what caused his sudden split with Ellie Nash, plenty of speculation has gone around. It seems before and after their split, he was seen around with his former enemy, Alex. Some say their split was cause by Rick strangling her on Christmas Eve... nobody will ever know how much truth is behind that, because Ellie will swear to it that her mother is the cause. Supposedly, Rick also gave Ellie herpes, which he had gotten from Terri. Rumours are also saying he was cheating on Ellie with Alex, and slept with them both... getting them both pregnant. When Ellie had her miscarriage, he decided to be a supportive dad and stay with Alex. Some swimmers that boy must have! Word has it, Rick and Alex may already be engaged!

Rick and Alex's ex-flames have also had plenty of talk. Ellie is supposedly still cutting and on drugs. It's possible she's also intrested in Jay and her wonderful bi-sexual friend, Craig. It's been said she's also been having sex with JT, and causing Marco to cheat on his lover, Dylan. Some say it's the other way around, and she's really secretly been seeing Dylan. Secret girl crushes? Emma and Terri.

Jay's been a total wreck all week. He's attempted suicide multiple times, mostly after hearing about Rick and Alex. Maybe the rumours in this here grapevine went to his head, since he stabbed himself AND jumped off a balcony in an attempt to end his life.

It also seems that Emma wants the suicidal Jay for herself, and she's followed the latest trend of being bi-sexual. Apparently they had some steamy shower sex, and it's left her wanting more. It looks as if Emma may be looking to spread around gonorrhea. We all hope not!

That wraps up this week... my predictions for next week:

Alex and Rick totally make things official.
Jay and Emma do some more hooking up
Ellie makes a move on the one person she's not suspected to be with - Chris Sharpe.
Marco and Dylan have steamy man-sex.
Spinner and Craig also have steamy man-sex. In public.
Paige eats a meal... and tries to keep it down.

Have fun, and happy gossiping!
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Welcome to the grapevine. [25 Dec 2004|01:10pm]
Please be sure to post any gossip you've heard in this journal. Make all comments anonymous, so you don't get yourself in trouble! On January 1st, this post will be closed, and summed up in the next entry for another weeks worth of gossip.

Replies to this entry should be gossip only.

Have fun and happy gossiping, Degrassi students!
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